Want 5 Ways to help with twitter marketing? Here’s one tool that does it all

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twitter on a budget

When you are just starting out you hear about all those tools that you need. But they cost $$$$. So how can you do the amazing work with an ultra low social media budget.

Here’s how:

Twitter Tip #1 - Listening/Monitor 

twitter monitoring

Monitoring is the first part of your marketing efforts.  Gather enough about your market, customers, competition, whatever. Log into your online twitter account. Use the search function to set up some saved twitter searches. Once these are set up online you can use them on your phone. They will appear in the saved searches when you click search.

Use the saved search feature to record keywords and segments - I have set up one for #nonprofits, #socialmedia, #digitalmarketing. Use the drop down to save the search. You can use the desktop version of twitter to record the searches you want. And the beauty is you can return back to them whenever you need, either on your mobile or online.

Twitter Tip #2 Segment 

Create a number of twitter lists to segment your audience.  If you start to follow lots of profiles you may get overwhelmed, especially when it comes to listening again. So by creating and maintaining several lists about your market, customers and products and so on, you will easily be able to focus on separate channels.

Another way to use lists is for marketing messages. Twitter notifies user of lists they have been added to. For example valued customer, or another public message of customer affection.

 Remember to create your lists and make them private. We don’t want the competition knowing what we are doing. #twitterlists

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Remember you can only add people to a list if you follow them.

  Twitter Private List Ideas

  • Thought leaders 
  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Referrals/Brand Mentions - people who mention your brand/product
  • Twitter strategy guides

    Twitter Public Lists Ideas

    • SEO rockstar
    • Social media speakers
    • Twitter strategy guides
    • Free vouchers
  1. Twitter Saved Searches Ideas

  • Leads - competitors customers
  • Industry
  • Personal
  • My content

Twitter Tip #3 Get involved

Tweet, retweet  and like.  You should now know, how to get involved in twitter, after listening to your segments. You will have and have examples of how other accounts have solved these. Now before you should interact with your target audience, ask yourself.

  • Can you help?
  • Do you have questions that you lists can answer?

Twitter Tip #4 - Promote

twitter promotion strategy

Promote your content by sharing.  You really should know your customers by now. What do they talk about, feel and fear?  Share that link to your blog post that solves their problem in you, based on the above premise of being helpful,  you should now know how to position your content creation.

Maybe your audience will subscribe to your list about green widgets. Maybe they will find themselves on the, ‘amazing runners’ list and because twitter users get notifications of public list, this works like a mini advertisement. It stays in their notifications and reminds them of you.

  1. We have a sale on our website..

  2. We have given you £10 discount for you. Please show this to the sales agent.

Twitter Tip #5 - Demonstrate customer satisfaction

Build a relationship. If you promise something - create a private list and add twitter profile to manage it. Easily see the status of your twitter support by checking the list.




    That's all folks. Just a few tips to make use of on the bare bones app. Keep it social.

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