A Full Service Growth Hacking Agency with a Social Mission

Paths to growth are not usually obvious and it takes extreme creativity & technical ability to find them. We have a proven track record in increasing business growth doing both.

We are a non-profit social enterprise who pursue relationships based on productivity, progressiveness, and positivity with our employees, customers and other business partners.

Every strategy, every tactic, and every initiative that our team execute is in the hopes of growing your business. Growth is the metric that our growth engineers revolve around. Our team of diverse learning workforce use their creativity, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, email marketing and technology (to name a few), so you get your KPI's achieved.


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Ruth-Ellen Henry
Founder & Growth Engineer
Claudette Jacobs
Advisor & Employment Coach For Diverse Learners
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XavieTime is the productive, progressive and positive digital growth hacking agency with high customer satisfaction & profit per project.

Passionate About Our Clients

Our digital marketing work speaks for itself. We deliver an outstanding service custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients — big or small.

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Some key events our digital growth hacking agency have been through


July, 2015

Founder started helping businesses on a freelance basis after discovering people kept on being misguided by "experts". Found it too easy and fun to charge.

August, 2015

XavieTime was born as people insisted they wanted to pay for services that were productive and positive when it came to delivery. So we subsequently acquired our first 2 clients from The School for Social Entrepreneurs!

October, 2015

Established headquarters in Croydon



January, 2016

Delivery of inclusive growth hacking techniques to students in under privileged areas


February, 2016

Our goals for 2016 include employing 2 full time growth engineers


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is essentially finding ways to get to your goals for growth. We grew up in the 1980's so we have seen cold calling amass silly amount of money, but we have also seen PPC & SEO create transformational profits. We haven't written off any tactic, we have just created processes that work & compliment each other. Essentially growth hackers are obsessed with growth and growth hacking has no restrictions, SEO, CRO, Email, telesales etc... Everything we do is about how we get more pounds in your pocket. Call us old school but we like the idea of growing your business with a clear goal in mind.

What Makes You a Growth Hacking Agency?

We are growth engineers, which makes us growth hacking agency. XavieTime is derived from the concept of being fast (like a Cheetah), creative, technical and we know lot's of ways to drive growth. We give you real value that comes from our mixed talent ranging from our professionals £115m sales background, coding and marketing experience. This value is given from the moment we choose to work on your project, so we can make you a profit. In return we expect you to utilise our time in the most productive manner possible and so we have put processes in place to make this easy.

Why did XavieTime start?

We believe, no man, woman or child should be born into poverty or social exclusion because of their diverse learning needs. However their is an unacceptable 28% employment rate for those with mild learning disabilities (CeDR). So we made it our a mission to build an organisation that helps people with diverse learning needs to have personal freedom socially and financially. We plan to achieve this (by no means a small feat) using crowdsourcing techniques, this way growth engineers work with our growth hacking agency to deliver solutions to our clients, this way every client we work with makes a social impact #socent

You state your productive, progressive & positive, but what does that mean?

Productive - XavieTime is about using our time, we provide value by being productive because we know time is precious. All our team have been trained on the ways to complete project faster course provided by our sister company celebratedhub.org Progressive - We love it when a plan comes together and we love creating plans that are progressive and help you achieve your social mission. You have a short & long term vision and we want you to achieve all of them. Positive - If we decide to take your project on board then we commit to make sure your business goals are met through the extension of your amusement park (your website), but if something breaks down we need to work together to make sure everyone is ready to get their hands dirty so everyone can enjoy the ride.

How Do You Achieve High Customer Satisfaction?

Customer service starts from the minute someone interacts with the business. In order to continually improve customer experience we give you an easy way to engage with us by providing feedback at various touch-points when using our solutions. * We give you access to our team tool so you can see pending tasks, updates and add any new requests. Never be left out of the loop again * We know the difference between aspiration and participation, so we give you access to be able to participate. Thus you can still add content to your site, tweak content before it's released, as well as be part of the creation process. We like to make sure you have the power. After all it’s your amusement park, we are just the groundskeepers.