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growth hacking sales team

Why you need to make sure you have a growth hacking sales team culture

growth hacking sales team

All too often we can talk about the amazing products or services we deliver but forget that we need to be able to sell it effectively, this all starts with a great growth hacking sales team.

Aren’t all sales teams growth hacking sales teams anyway?

No, no, no.  Great growth hacking sales teams follow processes, use their innovative prowess to acquire new businesses and have an arsenal of skills to get to their focused goal, growth!! In addition, growth hacking sales teams work with a focus on working together to get the sale. As opposed to competing against each other like separate entities (they never worry whether or not next week they still have a job).  So this week’s podcasts helps you to build that in it to win it together mentality with 8 ways to build a growth hacking sales team.  Plus the sales script download (which will all make sense when you listen) so let’s get started!


growth hacking sales team

What you will learn listening to the 8 ways to build a growth hacking sales team episode:

* The agreement you need to be making before you even think about letting your sales team touch that lead

* The tools that make it easy to do the job instead of being a barrier to it

* How your growth hacking sales team can make every call a success

* The weekly meeting that will help you build upon your content strategy, team information as well as redefine customer persona’s in one hit!

* How your growth hacking sales team can make calls that are always welcome and pounce like a Cheetah at the right time.

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...but don't see a lot of sales?

Let's fix that, grab the no fluff 3-step sales script framework so you can move people from leads to customers


Have you tried any of these growth hacking sales team strategies? What processes have caused growth and what lessons have you learnt? Comments below please 🙂