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Celebrated Hub, the peer to peer network for diverse learners, desired email marketing services to increase their engagement, while developing upon their current content.

landing page email marketing case study
Clear CTA with short form for increase conversion rates to 17.24%
                              39% of traffic which converted came from organic search 
infographic for email marketing
The lead magnet with a content upgrade took leads through an educational funnel to build trust and credibility
email marketing campaign results
Split tested emails with headlines, content  & segmentation variations


To increase celebrated Hub's email list.


First we looked at Celebrated Hub's content marketing and saw that infographic engagement levels were high. So we created 8 ways to complete projects faster and 5 things to avoid. We then added a content upgrade which complimented the infographic. A compelling email course which allowed us to drill down the stats further. First we found that we needed a new landing page so we created a homepage and also split tested the homepage to capture people into an alternative funnel based on the complete projects faster campaign. We didn't stop there we created a funnel which also led users onto a thank you page where they were prompted to share their thoughts to help build the forthcoming community.


The on page conversion rate for the homepage was 17.24%. We’ve achieved an average open Rate of 59% for complete projects faster series, which generated a number of new sales. We exceeded industry averages and exceeded Celebrated Hub's expectations.

17.24% Conversion

121% ROI

From The Client

“We are a start up not for profit so don't have much funds to play around with and we have be burnt before so thought we could handle it ourselves. After a period of time we realised we spent more time fiddling around with emails then delivering so we thought we would try XavieTime after an initial consultation. We were tired of sending updates to our subscribers and get little to no engagement. We were continually updated, our ideas were built upon and we got a great return on investment. I would reccommend XavieTime, time and time again”

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