How We Launched A Brand & Generated Over 200 Email Addresses In 2 Weeks

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Go big or go home is the motto when it comes to creating your website. We truly believe that your website is like an amusement park with the best rides around.

1. We used Shopify – We nearly throw our cereal across the wall when we heard from a podcast duo “your theme won’t convert any better with a premium theme” balderdash we say here at XavieTime. Premium themes have better functionality which helps your potential customer gain greater clarity on their next logical steps. We were going to build on WordPress but we actually wanted a challenge as we never developed on Shopify and thought it would be fun to stretch ourselves.

2. We got it out there fast. We did our research, didn’t overthink and took action. Because we know if we overthought it we would be stuck in analysis paralysis.

3.We had one chef and more cooks. You know when you have too many people who want to be heard you find yourself not taking any action. So we avoided this and took a leaf out of Pixar methodology when it comes to making decisions and had one person in charge who could listen to opinions but the ultimate decisions were theirs.

4. We leveraged FREE traffic. Buyer intent on social media is not created equal. We used our insight from Instagram and created a campaign that is getting us daily followers but at the same time, we took action on the buyer intention of people’s actions on our site using heat maps and pixels and created a competition to get over 200 emails!

5. We aren’t expecting miracles …and we will be using different tactics and processes to get sales. E-commerces booming but that still means we need to stand out in the marketplace. Creating a premium brand with a clear vision is the right way to start. Stay posted with our progress by liking our page and turning on the notifications.


Growth. It's a word that means different things to different people. We want you to know that our growth comes from a fire in our belly to love financial freedom for all that seek it, in their business and personal life. How about you?

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