How a CRM will save you bunch of time and how to use it effectively

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So it’s Tech Tuesday where I talk about Tech funnily enough being a#girlwhocodes I love tech. So today’s focus is all about CRM’s

You are already in a CRM

What is a CRM I hear you cry!

A tool to keep a relationship going (not that type of relationship  ) More specifically leads, prospects, customers, partners.

CRM a business relationship tool, which stands for customer relationship management

Let’s say one of your leads downloads a piece of your content from your website and in exchange, you ask for their email address.

Through a series of emails and other marketing channel touch points, these lead eventually becomes more of a lead. No that isn’t right?

Or is it?

98% of leads never convert into a sale!

If you want to know how to use one of the relationship tools that will help you turn a lead into a customer, because you have nurtured them through email, but more importantly, you actually listened to them (no not with their words) then join me a 1pm.

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