Over 40 Growth Tools For Traffic, Conversion & Conversations

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This post will give you a breakdown of over 40 growth hacking tools. For those that don't like jargon we at XavieTime like to think as growth hacking as ways to get to sales.  Growth hacking is not another buzz words, nor is it just about tools and tactics...it is about PEO - Product development, Exploration & Optimisation. However you can't expect a mechanic to use her hands to fix a car, she (yes she) needs tools to get the job done!

Whether you have a product or service, there is no shadow of a doubt you know it’s something people want, as people have paid for it. However, you realise that to scale up to a  wider network of customers needs a different set of processes in place. Not to worry, everyone has been there. The key is to nurture, test what works,  then nurture the relationship so you can get your ideal customer throwing money at you. But how can you nurture a relationship with someone when they are not even there? (stalking is illegal after all). Eventually, you have to optimise the  process that is working. This entails putting the data acquired so you can make an informed decision as to which channel is worthy of your efforts, only then will you see real accelerated progress.  How can you convert your product into a must buy when you have little to no traffic on your website? It's a chicken and an egg situation isn't it?

Growth hackers, using their knowledge of product and distribution, find ingenious, technology-based, avenues for growth that sometimes push the bounds of what is expected or advised.
Neil Patel Quick Sprout founder

Side note: Does the growth hacking culture mean that the strategy from the olden days* are obsolete (1998 When I started?) 

Strategy is vital

Over the years I have spoken to hundreds of procurement managers, created hundreds of sites and tinkered with various analytic accounts I have discovered a part of the funnel that many people get stuck on...awareness. So they never ever get to the close. Working in sales for over 15 years I would always start with the end in mind. This help me generate over £115 Million in sales over two years for many of  my B2B clients. Does it still work now?

Heck yes! Times have changed but the principles remain the same and I have applied these principles with my own brands, my family and my long time clients (I love you guys!) so I know it works! This post will give you a basic introduction to the three ingredients essential for creating a customer journey that goes from awareness to the perfect close and beyond, traffic, conversion and conversations!!

So what's with the mamouth list of growth hacking tools?

This post is split into three sections to help you navigate easily through the text and get to the part that you require for your business. In order to reach out to your potential clients successfully, you will need to continually tinker with traffic, conversion optimisation and your conversations.  These growth hacking tools will get you started, as one size does not fit all. Gaining an optimum level of expertise on what is effective for YOUR brand will lead your promotions to skyrocket in your market (offline and online).

Growth Hacking Tools For Traffic:

growth tools for traffic
  • Paid search, social media advertising and display advertising are all excellent ways of testing the level of interest for your specific content. In addition this then helps you in constructing your brand and getting your site in front of your ideal tribe.  Each paid channel has its pros and cons which need to properly thought of before consideration of any particular site.
  • Growth hacking tip #1 Good Header’s that match your copy grab attention:
  • Captions are one of the most important parts of your content. Without a compelling eye-catching front page, even the most detailed and comprehensive blog post will go unread. Major the art of headline writing. For example, the writers at Buzz Feed and Up worthy often write upward of twenty different headlines before finally settling on the one that will drive the most traffic, so be very careful when deciding a proper headline.

Facebook Advertising:

  • Facebook provides an abundance of methods of advertising. Boosting a post, promoting a post, raise attendance at an event etc... basically everything you would need to test a product/service.
  • The decision of boosting/promoting a post depends upon the required use. The decision is based on which posts are helpful to your audience and further your goals on Facebook.
  • Promotion needs to be strictly personal. Even if a good tip from another website is shared, don’t boost it if it links to someone else. There is no benefit in promoting someone else’s site.
  • Promote content that gets your fans on your email list. If something free is offered with an opt-in, definitely promote that content so as many fans can be transferred to the email list as possible. This includes giveaways, free webinars, free e-books and any other type of freebie.

    Twitter - Promoted Tweets:

    • Promoted Tweets are ordinary Tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users or to spark engagement from their existing followers.
    • Promoted Tweets are regular Tweets with the added bonus that they can reach more people who are interested in your business. They should be used to place your best content in front of the audience that matters to you at the right time.

    Promoted Tweets Benefits:

    • Drive website traffic by asking users to click on your best content
    • Offer coupons and deals in the copy of your Tweets
    • Drive leads using Lead Generation Cards
    • Promote sales and giveaways

      Growth Hacking Tip # 2 Use nifty tools like Hastagify to make sure your hastags are relevant and reach the right people 

      hastagify growth hacking stats
      hashtags data by hashtagify.me

      Google Plus Ads:

      This type of Google Plus marketing feature has enormous possibilities, since it facilitates uninterrupted user engagement right where they see the ad. Users don’t have to be redirected to another site for them to do what you want them to do.

      Linked-In Sponsored Post:

      Some of the features offered by Linked-In are:

      • Getting your company’s updates to more people and attracting new followers
      • Reaching just the right audience with our comprehensive targeting options
      • Getting your message out on every device: desktop, tablet, and mobile
      • Setting your own budget and choose from cost per click or cost per impression options
      • Using Direct Sponsored Content to easily test your messaging

      Stumble Upon-Paid Discovery:

      • If the company isn’t interested in leaving it to chance, then Stumble Upon Paid Discovery is for you. For a small fee for each visitor, Stumble Upon will send targeted traffic to your site, regardless of how popular it is, until your budget runs out.
      • Stumble Upon is much like PPC advertising but the main difference is that Stumble Upon Paid Discovery leaves out the “click” step and sends the traffic directly to your site whether they want to be there or not.
      • Offers high bounce rate due to the tendency of Stumble Upon users to “stumble” to the next page if they don’t immediately understand what they are looking at, or don’t care to investigate further.

      Medium - 

      . Medium:

      A blog publishing platform that let’s you blog where other people are already coming to read.

      Sumo Me Discovery

      YouTube - 20.7 Billion Visits

      Slower Traffic Sources:

      Some of the slower traffic sources that are free to use, but deliver more inconsistent traffic than paid campaigns due to ever changing algorithms. Many sources claim to boost your performance through their own platforms, some of which are given below:

      • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Yes it's slower to achieve results but it will give you long term traction
      • SMO - Social Media Optimisation

      Below you will find 40 traffic tactics from experts like Rand Fisher, Neil Patel, Corbet Bar & Ana Hoffman

      40 Explosive Tactics to Increase Website Traffic – Infographic
      by cent.

      From Visually.

      Other than these sources, some basic steps can be taken that help achieve higher traffic free of cost:

        • Creating an e-mail "signature" - name, website address and a small tag-line describing the main advantage of your site. Go one step further with a call to action like opt in for...
        • Making sure the title, description head, and header html tags accurately convey the subject of the site; search engine algorithms use these as keywords to categorize websites and direct relevant traffic
        • Optimizing your website to be search-engine friendly (especially for Google as it holds 70% of the search engine shares)
        • By spreading the word about your affiliate program by submitting it to affiliate program directories and contacting the owners of related websites.
        • Creating links pages that will contain the links to other non-competing websites in the same industry.( for exchange that works both ways)
        • Posting in forums
        • Commenting on blogs
        • Creating a valuable piece of content 
        • Using accurate keywords for your content

      Growth Tools Bonus Content Locked!

      Enter your details below to instantly
      reveal the bonus traffic generating growth hacking tools including 9 simple ways to increase your click-through rates &  a keyword tool that will transform your search efforts

      A note about keywords and ranking higher from Randy Fisher @Moz about semantically connected keywords

      Long tail keywords importance

      Growth Hacking Tip # 3 Use the nifty tool lsigraph to find semantically conntected keywords in 5 seconds or less

       Advanced SEO hacks

      You can get your site to get more clicks then sites that rank above you, by improving your click through rate

      Increase your click through rate so more visitors click on your web page by making the title & description compelling

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      9 Simple Ways To Increase Click Through Rate

      ​1. Create curious compelling title tags

      2. Give the people what they love...people love what is..how to..

      3. Use numbers, stats, quant metrics etc. in descriptions

      4. Use negative words (sparingly people don't appreciate scaremongering too often)

      5. Get competitors PPC ad campaigns and copy the ones with high CTR

      6. Include power words, adjectives and verbs

      7. Create curious type headlines - ..the essential tools that increased traffic by 30% (number 2 is easy)

      8. Be succinct and aim for 6 word title tags 

      9. Use the keyword at the beginning of your title tag, but make sure it flows ...it ain't a turkey don't stuff it​

      How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

      From Visually.

       Be obsessed with gathering the right data it will save you time, money & excel your progress to success. 

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      9 Analytical tools:

      These 9 tools helps you to analyse the traffic you receive on your website, because if you are not measuring the traffic (ie bounce rates, goals etc) then you really shouldn't be doing it.

      Google Analytics 






      SEO Spyglass 

      Google Webmaster Tools



      5 Tips To Maxmize Customer Acquisition Via Growth Hacking

      From Visually.

      Growth Hacking Tools For Conversion:

      “The point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action is called conversion.” In other words, conversion is simply getting someone to respond to your call-to-action.

      Coercing someone to open an email is a form of conversion. Having them click on the call-to-action link inside that email is another conversion. Going to the landing page and filling out a registration form to read your content is a conversion. And, of course, buying your product is the ultimate conversion. With Growth hacking let me be clear the goal is for them to purchase from you, so nurturing plays a big part of conversion.

      The goal is first, to let people know about a product and second, convince them to buy it. But to do so, they need a solid grasp on the best ways to convert consumers.

      Conversion is simply the analysis of the data provided by a client when visiting that site, and using that data to best analyze the needs of the customer, and then finally to coerce them into buying or accepting the services offered. A lot of consumers start to shop and then abandon cart — they get distracted, they become noncommittal, they decide they'll just buy the items later or maybe even in-store.

      Smart marketers can turn these abandoned carts into sales — they already know what products the consumer is interested in. Even if the user doesn’t put something in a cart, they still know what products they looked at on the site. This data can then be passed onto your growth hacking sales team to close the business deal and together as a Smarketing team you can continue delighting the customer to gain monumental growth.

      Goals for effective Conversion:

      Your conversion goal is the outcome you expect for the Web page you’re optimizing. Goals are essential in Conversion tracking. You must select goals you’ll have around for the duration of any campaign. Consistency is critical. If trackers of traffic and conversion are switched repeatedly, the value of the data is compromised. Goals of a conversion are not just the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), rather goals are what happens when the visitor does what you want him to. Goals are always narrowly defined success KPIs, such as

      • A sale
      • A lead
      • An e-mail newsletter sign-up
      • A download of a specific article
      • A view of a specific page

      Goals are very specific according to your own website needs, according to your own specific demands and long term strategies based on business models. But the key aspect is not to confuse goals with KPIs.

      Setting up goals and analytics:

      Some of the key things while setting up goals are given below:

      • It should be measurable. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing whether you’re reaching your goal. It should also move visitors toward the over-all business goals you have for your website.
      • It should encompass a strong driver for existing - Data, driver and delegation for social media success post.
      • Setting up Micro-goals to attract traffic better, and as each micro goal leads to the next, building relationship and trust. When one finally pitches their idea or product, clients are ready for it—and they know exactly what you can do for them. As a result, you likely have a good conversion rate for this offer.
      • Setting up priority goals and positioning them wisely. In case of American Heart Association website, they don’t sell anything. According to their home page, their macro goal is to help people achieve healthier lives. They have set up the most important pages related to new information on cholesterol, heart attacks, and school meals, since these are in the “feature” spots on the website. Donations are a second consideration and are placed just around the right hand side corner.
      • Similarly, comparing National Geographic, they are MOST interested in their subscriptions. Nothing on their home page distracts visitors from this goal. Notice that the first thing they present you with is the opportunity to subscribe. And in the navigation panel, “Subscribe” stands out in gold. A secondary goal is to get you to consume their content. So the rest of the page has links to their articles.

      Understanding Macro and Micro Goals:

      Your final goal is the end action you want visitors to take when they visit your site. It may be a product buying or subscription, a donation, or signing up for X number of consulting hours a month. Your macro really hinges on on your business model and your own need from the customers. The macro conversion you’ve set for your website pushes every other strategic element on the site: the copy, design, layout, everything. But for any macro conversion to take place, visitors often go through a series of micro conversions. These are the small steps they must take to understand the value of your offer and gain enough trust to take action.

      Different Conversion Goals for Industries:

      [table id=1 /]

            Creating the right content:

            Creating the right content is essential for the success of your website. Therefore, some of the key steps are highlighted:

            Verify you have a good idea

            Verifying the credibility of your idea through the following tests:

              • Is it Simple?
              • Is it Unexpected?
              • Concrete Evidence?
              • Is it a credible source?
              • Does it appeal to emotional people?
              • Stories

            Use AARRR

            acquiring, activating customers pirate metrics

            Researching the Audience:

            It is important to research the audience that visits your sites. It gathers important data like:

              • Email address
              • Phone number
              • Twitter handle
              • Facebook ID

            Test your growth strategy 

            Paying to promote your top content:

            With the right tracking setup in your analytics, it's possible to see how content has contributed to conversions. Allotting of some budget to send paid traffic to the content piece should also be considered too. This strategy is particularly useful in promoting the macro goals of a website.

            Learning from Content Competitors:

            One can always find out appropriate content from their competitors, get a feel of the market and understand the requirements of the niche in question. The problem with this type of competitive analysis that we do is that it tends to show us pure search competitors - based on similar product or service offerings. Your competitors in terms of products and services can be very different to those who publish content which competes with you.

            Getting Feedback:

            When it comes to generating content ideas, one of the things you should think about is the mindset of your target audience. What causes them problems when it comes to your product, service, brand, competitor or industry? Once you can find something that causes them pain or causes them to be positive, you can use this to drive your content ideas forward.

            Growth Hacking Tools used to improve conversion:

            The list of ten conversion optimizing tools used all around the world to better understand traffic and analytics of a website are given below:

            User Testing

            UserTesting.com is probably the biggest marketplace to find testers and has many advocates 

            Usertesting advocates

            Some Competitors

            It’s a great way to overcome your internal blindness or bias about what is and is not working on your site, and has provided great insights for every experience I’ve worked on.


            • Cheap for a few sessions
            • Quick turn around
            • High quality video and audio recordings of sessions
            • Works on desktop, mobile, and tablets
            • No shady craigslist postings and managing schedules, etc.


            • Can feel expensive at scale
            • Unless you’re on the “pro” version, you can be matched with testers outside your target demographic
            • Feedback is anecdotal and qualitative, must be tempered with large-scale data”
            Claire Vo 


            ... Eye Tracking Technology… Without the High Costs

            Google Analytics




            Thrive Themes

            Optimize Press


            Survey Monkey

            Post Planner

            Visual Website Optimizer (VWO.com)

            Sean EllisGrowthhackers.com

            Double Down on Success. Challenge is not finding many channels that work, but rather finding one. Often your best growth opportunity is to double down on what’s already working.

            Growth Hacking Tools For Conversations:

            In order for a successful promotion of your product, the third basic ingredient, conversation, is required. Online conversations have gained major popularity in recent years and now hold primary importance for judging customer reviews and criticism. In addition, conversations help you to make your mark upon the online community and help you interact with other potential promoters. These promoters will be your eyes and ears and will help spread your product to the next level.

            These 10 popular tools for making the most out of your conversations will help build your community and a network that will take you miles in the right direction.


            Find opportunities on social networks and in search engines about your competitors, your brand and services. This way you can insert yourself into relevant conversations rather then barge into them.

            Colibri monitors coversation

            Main features offered by Quora are:

              • ​Estimated 246 million visits per month
              • A safe, secure and efficient way to get your queries answered
              • A platform of knowledgeable and interactive people
              • Promotions can be easily done through putting questions about your product
              • Response times are fast and support is professional
              • Requires real usernames and verifications leading to additional privacy

            14 day free trial


            This is basically a query based website which operates on the question and answer format. It has an established community of registered users who are also responsible for answering, editing and organizing the questions and posts. Quora is one of the leading platforms for conversations with over half a million registered users and has been described as a website for informational discovery by leading online resources.

            Main features offered by Quora are:

              • ​Estimated 246 million visits per month
              • A safe, secure and efficient way to get your queries answered
              • A platform of knowledgeable and interactive people
              • Promotions can be easily done through putting questions about your product
              • Response times are fast and support is professional
              • Requires real usernames and verifications leading to additional privacy


            A community based content sharing website which is an essential addition to your conversations resource list. The website offers a brilliant alternative to the usual RSS feeds and provides all kinds of SEO content and news in one place. Inbound.org is considered by any leading experts as a learning tool for both new and seasoned online marketers. As inbound marketing is basically the name given to a market strategy which focuses on you getting found by your prospect or target audience, you will find it to be very useful in your promotional campaign. 

            Features that inbound.org offers to its users 

              • Estimated 954,000 visits per month
              • Highly categorized and specific news
              • Search Engine Optimization
              • Marketing guides and helpful content
              • Analytics
              • Conversion rate Optimizations
              • Link Development
              • Highly professional Online Community


            Considered as one of the most innovative ideas, Flipboard is the leading magazine based app available on Android, iOS and Microsoft based devices. The app offers an aggregation of all the popular social networking websites and news sites to display content in a unique magazine style which allows its users to “flip” through different categories. The app merges the simplicity and feel of a magazine with the accessibility and collaboration that technology provides. 

            Some of the notable features of Flipboard

              • ​Estimated monthly visits of 13 million 
              • Specialised content
              • Free to use
              • Intuitive and easy to use Interface
              • SEO optimized content
              • RSS feed availability


            This is a blogging service website that is available in several languages and countries around the world. TypePad provides value to its users through its promotion potential and easy to use and understand design tools. TypePad allows you to promote your blog, observe your stats and make money along the way. The paid blogging service of TypePad is great for amateur bloggers looking for some diverse exposure. TypePad also offers some of the best statistical tracking services in the blogging industry and this keeps you updated on your progress and what steps you need to take in real time to get more traffic. 

            TypePad has some unique features

              • ​Estimated visitors 20.4 million per month 
              • Promotional outreach is good with Google, Bing and Yahoo as partners
              • Easy to use interface
              • Not too expensive (prices start at £5)
              • Provides quality blogging experience
              • Promotion chances for your product or service greatly increase due to the great exposure
              • Professional and reliable blogging service


            This is a blog publishing service that you should certainly avail for your promotional activities. Blogger is one of the leading blogging platforms in the world and with its well established community it is a haven for people looking to facilitate conversation around the internet. You will definitely give your promotional activities a huge boost by setting up your links on Blogger and the people present will not only help you but can also lift your product to the higher echelons of the online market in a relatively short amount of time. 

            Blogger key features that can help you promote your product

              • ​Estimated visits of 205 million per month
              • Professional support and promotion team
              • Well recognized throughout the online market
              • User friendly and interactive interface
              • Free to use and large limit on maximum number of blogs
              • Widespread integration with social media and news agencies
              • Well established and friendly community


            What you know about facebook

            Viadeo offers these notable features to its users:

              • Estimated visits of  28.1 billion  per month
              • A dedicated and business oriented user community
              • A professional and user friendly interface
              • The opportunity to link with many diverse groups of people
              • Dedicated advertising campaigns that can be tailored for your needs
              • A rapidly increasing user base
              • Smart news, offers, and articles suited to your requirements


            This is a professional social networking website which caters mostly to the business owners, entrepreneurs and managers. It is relatively unknown in the English speaking world but has a strong presence in Europe and Russia. So, if you are looking to expand your promotional activities and benefit from European sponsors as well, Viadeo is a great place to organize your activities. With 65 Million registered users, Viadeo shows no signs of stopping its rapid growth and therefore it is paramount that you take advantage of what might become the next big online sensation. 

            Viadeo offers these notable features to its users:

              • Estimated visits of 46,000 per month
              • A dedicated and professional business oriented user community
              • A professional and user friendly interface
              • The opportunity to link with many diverse businesses
              • Dedicated advertising campaigns that can be tailored for your needs
              • A rapidly increasing user base
              • Showcase your ability skills and features of your products
              • Smart news, offers, and articles suited to your requirements
              • Fully functional and helpful support team


            This is a platform for promotion of your blog or website and has a well-established traffic and user base. You can exploit the large amount of traffic on this site for your promotional activities and gain exposure to a diverse collection of regular users. DoSplash operates on the objective of connecting people with similar interests in a healthy and conducive to learning atmosphere where promotion of your activities will actually be very beneficial for your product. 

            Main features that DoSplash offers to its users are

            • Large user base
            • Specifically targeted posts
            • Opportunity for promotional activities
            • Round the clock support
            • Professional help when needed


            Outbrain let's you recommend your content on the web's largest and most respected media properties, including CNN, People and ESPN. There aim is to capture your target audience’s attention to drive better results for your business.

            Outbrain offers these key benefits

              • Estimated network of 350 million visitors per month
              • Easy to use for promotional activities
              • Large user base and a healthy community
              • Links with major social media and news networks

            Blog Engage

            This is one of the top blogging communities today and is simply a platform where bloggers meet and share their posts, network and help each other grow. Blog Engage is unique from the crowd because it incorporates many of the facilities offered by different top blogging websites into a single, clean and intuitive interface that is both user-friendly and enjoyable for you to use. 

            The main features that Blog Engage will provide you

              • Estimated visits of 72,000 people per month
              • Professional and dedicated support
              • Affordable packages
              • Premium features 
              • Promotional faciltities


            Studies have shown that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook & Twitter.  I bet your wondering why on earth have I wasted your time on these other platforms?  Well LinkedIn is much more for business 2 business and despite the mass audience it needs a good process to yield good results

            The main features that Linkedin will provide you

              • Estimated visits of 941.6 million per month
              • Premium features with access to userbase insight to make informed decisions about your outreach strategy
              • Easy ways to share and engage with your peers, look for opportunities and establish yourself as an authority

            3 Other tools to help with customer satisfaction


            Make sure you have a service level agreement internally and externally so your team and customers can reach their key performance indicators. Also, Keep an eye on all the chitter chatter about your brand via your various marketing channels like facebook, twitter etc.




            It would be easy to look at metrics of traffic from these various platforms and convince yourself based on volume of visitors, that the platform for you, but you have to test, test, test, measure, measure, measure then repeat the successes and get rid of the rest. 

            I hope you found something helpful in traffic, conversions and conversations growth hacking tools list. I spent a long time collecting this so please bookmark, big up this post on social media, subscribe, comment etc... either way I appreciate you coming over to read!

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            Use our EASY calculator to find out how much website traffic you need to hit your monthly revenue goals


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            Get Our RESOURCES for Faster Growth In Your Business!

            Pick the guide you want to start with, to get your instantdownload:

            Swipe the best content ideas to help you create content for ever stage of the buyers journey


            Use our EASY calculator to find out how much website traffic you need to hit your monthly revenue goals


            Schedule your consultation to find out how we can devise a strategy to totally obliterate your competition


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