All humans should have the basics, food, shelter, medical, education, etc. provided by the state because if you’re starving you can’t think straight, and pull yourself up… you need a basic level of dignity as a human first, and then you can advance. This is a simple call to action #buysocial When you see a […]

 Some people don’t like the word social entrepreneur…as it is too broad. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. Social entrepreneurs in the XavieTime sense are people that see a problem in the world, have an idea on how to fix the problem and go out and do it.  They don’t take the world as it […]

Forming a joint venture (JV) can be a quick and very effective mechanism for strategic growth. Such unions can enable fast access to new skills, technologies, markets and a plethora of other benefits.  I am probably the first one in the room to say joining forces by forming a joint venture partnership brings many opportunities. […]