7 Steps to increase your social media success through drivers, data and delegation

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You already know social media is extensively well-connected. You already know it is supposed to benefit your business by ensuring your communication with a wide network of individuals online. But did you know that you can redefine what success looks like for you by using drivers, data and delegation? Listen to this week’s podcast to find out how!

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No doubt managing social media can also is a day job in itself.   You get so lost in its activities that it becomes hard to measure your return on investment, or the commercial benefits of your social involvement and interaction online.

As with all marketing strategies, it is crucial to evaluate and examine the return you are getting for all your  efforts and time spent communicating and network with your targeted consumer audience online.  In this article, we will discuss some of the basic key tips that will help you effectively measuring your social media success. By following the steps  increase your returns on your social media involvement and interaction.

DRIVERS – Let’s explore the why

social media success

Social Media Success Step #1

Set clearly defined and realistic goals that will best serve you and your promotional activities.

Then actually measure them:

Some would argue that it is extremely vital and crucial to ensure that your social media activities are well-integrated into your marketing strategy and campaigns, and effectively promote your product or services to bring about maximum business advantages.  But the first crucial step is finding out what drives and motivates you so you are consistent with your goals. Listen to the podcast above to find out if you are more of a questioner, upholder, obligor or rebel.

Even though social media is an instrument of your extensive marketing campaign, it is indeed the most effective as it targets a large, global audience. In order to see social media success with obtaining your goals it is essential to:

  • Set clearly defined aims and realistic goals (Smarketing approved data that align with business goals)
  • Be clear on what you are trying to achieve (Reseach – collating persona data for pain points)
  • Find out who your targeted audience is (Research – your ideal customer using your red rope policy )
  • Find out where are you most likely to target them on the World Wide Web (Monitoring & connecting dots with past data)

You could use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and an array of other social media applications.  Choosing the right ones will help you in measuring your success in attracting the attention of your consumers by the number of followers, lead conversions, re-tweets, likes, comments etc.

If your posts and news updates are getting regular attention of your targeted consumers, you will know that you are succeeding in your efforts, and if not, you will be able to identify your mistakes and then, focus on eliminating all errors in the future. Continuously trying is the only road that leads to perfection, your social media skills will also improve and enhance as you re-double your social interaction efforts, and set up harder goals to achieve through social media communication.

Make sure to make effective note of which interactions, posts and comments lead to potential sales, and make sure you increase such interactions to enhance your promotion efforts, and in turn, your sales and revenues.

Social Media Success Step #2

Employ the effective use of Social media measuring tools:

There is a wide variety of social media management tools that assist you in effectively and accurately measuring all facets of your interaction and involvement on social media, from measuring your likes, click-through stats, retweets, followers, post shares and various other facilitating tools, you can effective monitor all aspects of your activities on social media.

Some of the popular and widely trending social media measuring tools include, Facebook metrics, Twitter search, Technorati, Monitor This, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer, Sprout Social and Meltwater Buzz among many others that allow you to evaluate and examine your social media success with the help of statistics, consumer reviews and much more. Find the way that makes your job easier to do but measure the return so you know where to put your time.

DATA – Let’s explore the different ways we can use the data from social media

Social media success step #3

Effectively track all your leads that may lead to possible customers and sales generation:

Make sure you diligently and meticulously track the sources of all your leads.  And in cases where the source is vague or unclear, ask the potential consumer where he found out about your product or service so that you can concentrate and focus more energies on that channel.

A highly effective, simple and easy way to track all your leads is to include a field where you ask your customers how they found out about you. You can also track the traffic generated on your websites from other social media sites, analytics or by using Chrome extensions  like SimiliarWeb.

Tracking and making comparisons between the various leads and their sources will allow you to effectively measure your followers, and determine which social media page is most effective in targeting your customers. Plus you will find out which channel needs more work to garner success and generate sales.

Social media success step #4

Maintain a strict measure of your spending on your Customer service*:

It is always advised to check your spending on your customer services over the social media versus other marketing and promotional channels such as phone, email or one-one interactions. This way you can determine and evaluate the success and benefits reaped in terms ROI.

Social media is indeed the least expensive, fairly cheap and simplest forum to promote your product without any possible risks to your investment, as there isn’t much investment to begin with! All social media requires is time, patience and constant promotion.

*Customer service starts as soon as someone interacts with your organisation, they should be treated like a customer

Social media success step #5

Evaluate and examine your brand image and product/services reviews:

Social media allows a great way for businesses to not only promote their brands and products, but also to evaluate and receive an instant review and response of the consumers online.

Using effective monitor tools, for instance Twitter, Facebook and Meltwater Buzz, allows you to examine and evaluate the reviews of the consumers through the posts that mention your brand, and you can interpret through these posts how the consumers thinks, feels and acts where your brand is concerned.

Facebook contains extensively and widely used pages, groups and forums dedicated to food, clothing, fashion and other products and services.  Consumers gather together into tribes  to share their experienceand inform other consumers about the various negative and positive aspects they came across certain brands. Such pages and groups are highly effective in giving you an idea about how your brand is being perceived, and why it is being liked or disliked.

Social media success step #6

Checking for mentions by influential consumers or industry experts who may influence the buying decisions of other potential consumers:

If your brand is being mentioned by an influential celebrity, industry experts and other widely celebrated individuals who are trusted on their expert production evaluations and followed on their brand adoptions, you are definitely putting the right effort and time into social media!

If you find your content being re-posted, re-tweeted or shared by the industry experts and brand influencers, you must know that countless other consumers will also find your content and product useful and attractive. Make sure you target these industry experts effectively, a mention from them will lead to greater sales, enhanced consumer population and in turn, greater revenues! Now that is social media success!


DELEGATION – Let’s explore the ways we can delegate to get more things done


Social Media success

Social media success step #7

Measure and regulate the time that you have spent on social media:

It is essential to measure how much time you spend promoting your product and interacting with consumers over the social media.  For instance, if you spend hours on social media and get no clicks to content then you have to ask yourself is this worth my time?

It is highly effective and time-efficient to schedule at least 20% of your tweets and posts. This ensures that your targeted consumers are able to see your posts at all the peak times of interaction. This will save you a great deal of time and effort. 80% should be used to form genuine relationships where you engage with followers and add value to conversations that are in your niche!

I hope that added value to your social media success strategy.  Please let me know what’s worked for you in the comments below.




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