5 reasons why you should be following these social entrepreneurs #positive

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Michael young founder at school for social entrepreneurs

 Some people don't like the word social entrepreneur...as it is too broad. Maybe it is maybe it isn't. Social entrepreneurs in the XavieTime sense are people that see a problem in the world, have an idea on how to fix the problem and go out and do it.  They don't take the world as it is, the seek to change it for the better. Thanks to Michael Young's School for Social Entrepreneurs (who I am always grateful to) and unrelenting persistence the following five social entrepreneurs are making lives better!

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back everyday #socent

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1. Mollie Mathieson Founder of New Note

New Note Orchestra uses music to support people in recovery from alcohol and substance misuse. There aim is to help rebuild lives. They offer a structured musical programme, creating a supportive community to help participants stay clean and sober.

Melissa Fewtrell-GrahamViolinist

I came out of rehab and thought ‘what now? Playing in Addicts’ Symphony was fundamental to my recovery. After coming out of rehab I needed a purpose. Playing alongside the other addicts was a big reason for taking part. This was a safe environment.”

Donate by sponsoring a concert, participant or instrument 

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. -  Booker T. Washington #socent

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2. Frankie Graham Founder of BetKnowMore

Betknowmore UK  deliver support services and through education, take away the social stigma attached to gambling addiction. They have set up gambling support hubs in London and our services aid both individuals and other organisations.

Frankie Graham Betknowmore UK Founder

Betknowmore UK is striving to maximise impact by embracing new ideas and new partnerships, underpinned by co-production and by learning from the experience of those who have successfully recovered from gambling dependency

3. Annmarie Lewis Founder of Rainmakers Worldwide

To date RMWW has worked with over 3000 people, supporting and developing young adults and women, from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, in enterprise.

Annmarie LewisRainmakers Worldwide Founder

Young people/adults deemed ‘Hard to Reach’ are some of the most marginalised and excluded people in today’s society, yet our future rests on their shoulders....

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4. James Adeleke Founder of Generation Success

Generation Success was born when James started hosting events for fellow law students to break the barriers that were holding them back from success in their careers. By linking up with professionals already in law jobs, James could help inspire Generation Success members to be successful regardless of their background or education as they passed on their knowledge and skills to James’ hungry audience.

James AdelekeGeneration Success Founder

This is a  student-led society built on creating shared value between three key stakeholders: students, employers and charities. This initiative focuses on creating opportunities for competitive advantage by building a social value proposition into corporate and individual strategies for success.

5. Lizzy Bet Founder at By Lizzy

By Lizzy is a  non-profit organisation set up to develop and provide accredited and non-accredited training and workshops for young people within the jewellery, fashion and creative industries for those not currently in mainstream education.

Lizzy BetFounder of By Lizzy 

There is an unexplainable feeling and sense of pride when an individual designs something and then makes it into a product. For those that have not had a positive experience in education, and/or have been out of it for a while, it is likely that this ‘feeling’ is something new.

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The above five have inspired and motivated me (to say the least) in my journey of becoming a social entrepreneur. And there are even more social entrepreneurs I will be applauding every week (these social entrepreneurial types are a selfless bunch) as their work is important.


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