Swipe The Best 28 Content Ideas & Start Pumping Quality Leads To Acquire Sales

Our free 28 content ideas takes all the guess work out of your content strategy, start to nurture your leads at different stages of the buyers journey, so you can move them through to your sales cycle easily. 

Never again create content that doesn't move your leads into profitable sales.

Hey I am Ruth-Ellen

I thought I would help you out by providing you with 28 types of content through every stage of the buyers journey. It's pretty short and sweet, like myself (wink wink). I know you're constantly looking at ways to get new leads, but what happens after most people acquire leads is fascinating. Did you know that 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales because of lack of nurturing*?  This is just one of the reasons these content ideas are your baseline to creating sales.
If you're wondering who I am, I help entrepreneurs to really focus in on activities that result in sales, because you can get a lot of things wrong in business, but sales is not something you want to mess up.  Click the button below and get started.

*Source: Marketing Sherpa